Our Expertise

With over decade in software development, and resource creation, development &management,ishitv tech brings in the favorable combination of specialist expertise,vast experience,cutting – edge knowledge and geographical reach, to deliver creative, realistic solutions for client changes

ISHITVTECH Provides the services from Spec to GDSII in VLSI domain:

ISHITVTECH  team provides RTL Logic Design services for FPGA or SOC for its customers over India and worldwide.  We have in-depth expertise in Front-end RTL Design and SoC integration for a variety of industry verticals. Our team of design engineers have in-depth experience in various aspects of the RTL design flow on chips used in the networking, processors, multimedia, mobile and automotive industries.

Our RTL Design team has an in-depth detailed understanding of RTL design, synthesis, static timing analysis, formal verification, PLDRC, clock domain crossing, and low power techniques. They closely collaborate with architecture team to define micro-architecture for various blocks of DSP core, develop RTL for multiple logic blocks of a DSP core and sub-system for SoC integration, run various frontend tools to check for linting, clock domain crossing, work with physical design team on design constraint and timing closure, work with low power team on power optimization and work with verification team to collaborate on test plan, coverage plan, and coverage closure. They are experienced in latest RTL languages and tools, including: simulation systems (e.g. Modelsim, VCS), static timing tools (e.g. Prime Time) and synthesis tools (e.g. Design Compiler, Physical Compiler).

Design For Test (DFT) Services Available

Our corporate mission is to provide proven DFT expertise using any industry-standard Design-for-Test tool-sets and to ensure an optimized design done the way you want it done! Combining expert knowledge with professional support processes, ISHITVTECH can reduce your time-to-market, improve your test predictability, and ensure that your silicon comes up quickly and painlessly. ISHITVTECH services customers worldwide and has a broad range of consulting options to suit your budget and schedule.

Expert in All Major EDA DFT Vendors
(Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys)

Senior DFT Engineers

DFT Architecture

DFT RTL Development

Scan Compression

Stuck-AT, Transition, Path Delay, IDDQ, Cell-Aware

Fault Diagnostics and Analysis/Identification

Root Cause failure identification

DFT Gate & RTL Level Simulation/Verification

Embedded IP Testing - ARM, DDR, Memory, Serdes, more..

Expert in IEEE Standards (1149.1, 1149.6, 1687, 1500, 1838)

IJTAG - Automated and Custom Consulting Services

DFT Related Timing Constraints

Physical Design Services Available

ISHITVTECH maintains a significant platform of compute resources and EDA infrastructure for physical design but the critical recipe for success in physical design and silicon realization comes from its process and people.  During the RTL design completion, and as gauged by the metrics generated by the verification team, the PD team gets started by managing DFT and DFM tasks, monitoring/completing synthesis, and iterating on trial placement and layouts.   The benefit of multi-functional team cooperation (whether RTL is done by ISHITVTECH or our customer) is that iterations, information, and progress can be guided up to and through the handoff to the PD team.   Late stage PD-related changes (or in some cases market-driven RTL changes!) must be worked at all levels of abstraction in order to stay on schedule.   ISHITVTECH engineers are well-versed in utilizing state-of-the-art tools and processes to a) insure the design comes into PD smoothly, b) gets through layout and late-stage iterations without a hitch, c) gets through the wide range of foundry-specific Design Rule Checks (DRCs), Layout vs. Schematic (LVS),  and Electrical Rule Checks (ERCs) without delay.   See the chart to the right for additional information on the PD process.

Domain Expertise:

Challenges vary according to business and as such so do solution. Ishitv tech ,with its experience as a global solution – provider for various sector, has acquired an in – depth understanding of driversdomains, which enables us to create evaluable difference for our clients.


Ishitv tech provides comprehensive and cutting – edge IT, professional web design &development, internet marketing, E- business solutions and back office support for diverse domains.

Technical Expertise:

Ishitv tech beieves that effective collaboration enhances value. As such we leverage on our multi – disciplinary expertise to provide end-to end solution for our clients. Our technical comprises .

Software Developers:

proficient in * Application Design and development * Custom software design &Development * Product Design and development * Database design and development

* System and application integration * System and application Architect * Data Modeling /Data warehousing * Enterprise system *Infrastructure support and service * ERP/CRM/SPM/EIM/ICM/SPM-SAS *System Administration *Networking and net related service *All server support and service *System and Data security *IT software consulting /staffing *Software sales and support *project study /solution /implementation *Business processes and Business intelligent *QA/Testing *Technical Support *Software Training /corporate Training .


* Web developers &Web Design experience in diverse website development,to include complex E-commerce website, social Networking website, content management System (CMS),Flash website,2D/3DAnimation,Gaming,and Mobile application.

*Graphic Designers and Animation specialists skilled in developing multimedia solutions using state - of – the –art technology.

* Web Analysts and researchers specializing in data capture, Analysis &Reporting.

* Content management experts special ling in creating marking content, Localization &management of mobile content,.

*SEO and SEM Specialists involved in website optimization, competitor analysis,PPC,affiliate marketing, online banner ad campaigas,email marketing,and other online marketing technique . Our Technical experts are proficient in diverse domains, platform, languages, technologies and tools

* Content management experts special in creating marking content, Localization &management of mobile content, multimedia manipulation and file format conversions.


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